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Youth Essence (White) 35ml-Oily/ Combination skin 青春浓缩白精华 (适合油/混合性肌)
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Nourishing Skin, Retaining water moisture, Anti-Wrinkle, Contract Pores,  Boosting Skin Texture

Suitable for All skin types, except for acne and sensitive (Safe for pregnant women, breast-feeding moms)



适合肤质:  各种肌肤.。痘痘,敏感肌肤除外 (孕妇,哺乳期女性除外)

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New Advanced Formula


Smoother and brighter skin in 2 weeks


Skin is more firm and elastic in 4 weeks


40% anti-aging essence in one bottle

a potent anti-aging formula,

28 days renewal for firmer and plumper skin


SGS authoritative certification


A bottle to improve 6 youthful skin dimensions

Fine Skin +41% Smoothness +26%
Moisture +39% Firmness +20%
Wrinkles -25% Radiance +10%


1. In-Depth Repair



Formulated with 94.4% anti-aging MAIFUYIN, a Mageline patented fermented yeast essence. It is a unique ingredients with great anti-aging properties through providing skin cells new energy.


By adding in Alpha-KG, skin cellular energy factor ATP is accelerated, helps promoting cell proliferation, stimulating collagen synthesis and skin barrier repair, accelerating overall cell metabolism and delay our skin aging process.


Deeply revitalize from the skin basal layer and lighten wrinkles and extensively improve skin firmness.


The effectiveness of anti-aging benefited from Mageline's patented core ingredient ~ MAIFUYIN®, is published in Global Authoritative Cosmetic Science Journal ~ JCD (Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology; Editor-in-Chief: Michael H Gold) VOLUME 21• NUMBER 4• APRIL 2022.



2. Deep Renewal



97% purity Kelp extract fades wrinkles and rejuvenating, boosting skin firmness and elasticity. 


Kelp extract is derived from algae, a type of seaweed rich in multiple beneficial ingredients. Its primary value in skin care comes from its anti-oxidant properties.


3. Collagen Booster



Boosting Collagen with patented humanised Type III Collagen

It's a collagen homologous to human body, quickly replenishing skin collagen, power up the absorption for a fuller supple plumper skin.


99.9% purity Niacinamide and White Rose Essence

fights against lipid-oxidative dullness, fading blemishes, leaving skin radiant crystal clear


97% purity Algae Extract

improves skin greasy-shine, balance skin sebum secretion, improve roughness and minimised pores


Texture that melts into skin instantly,

non-greasy and lightweight for oily skin,

burden-free for combination skin


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