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Brightening Crystal Clear Toner 150ml (雪颜晶透亮肤水-正装)
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A selection of precious skin-brightening ingredients, instantly penetrate into the skin, improve skin roughness and dullness from within, enhance the skin's suppleness and radiant for an even, translucent clear skin tone.



Mageline has always uphold truly to its original aspiration of focusing on great product development. In collaboration with R&D team from Osaka, Japan, the whole team has finally after months of rigorous scientific and cutting-edge experiments, discovered the secret of beautiful crystal clear skin that lies in the specially fermented rice filtrate, which then lead to the creation of Mageline Brightening Crystal Clear series.



In Search Of Natural Native Strength, Mageline Meets An Awesome Japanese Brewery Of More Than 300 years



Kyoto, Japan has a more than 1,000 years of sake brewing history, and has long been famous for its superior underground spring water known as “Fushimizu”. Amongst the most famous brewery is this brewery with more than 300 years sake brewing history - - - Shoutoku Shuzo. 

Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of city as well as the strong sense of industrial civilization, Shoutoku Shuzo is located in a Heisei era architectural style district.



“This sake not only tastes good, but also has a miraculous effect on skin care”. The inheritor of Shoutoku Shuzo Brewery said in the interview that: “Our authentic and pure (Junmai) sake are brewed using only 100% Japanese rice, koji, Fuzhimizu spring water, yeast with traditional brewing methods of Japan, without any other forms of alcohol, sugar or additives. Sake are completely made from natural raw materials, and naturally brewed. Therefore during the brewing process, these distillers’ grains are rich in organic acids, amino acids, etc., which are tested and verified to be beneficial to our human body, whether it is for daily consumption or for skin care beauty routine."



Natural beauty of bare skin is made possible from the combination of nature and advanced technology

--------  自然与科技,成就素颜之美  --------

Mageline Osaka R&D team discovered that distillers’ grains contain a lot of nutrients rich in glucoside ceramides and amino acid and other beauty ingredients. These rice wines after  going through the natural fermentation process will produce sake yeast that are rich in nutrients needed by our skin cells, helps accelerating our skin renewal cycle. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids and other 100% natural substances, thus it is easily absorbed by human cells, providing a great beauty and skin care effect.



Mageline Osaka R&D team uses the natural sake yeast from the century-old brewery as ingredients, coupled with the advanced refinement and extraction technology, and through years of research and various human subject tests by experienced R&D team, finally successfully formulated the Mageline Brightening Crystal Clear series with the most important ingredients ---A special fermented rice filtrate.



Two core ingredients, moisturizing and whitening in just one step

--------  两大核心成分,保湿美白一步到位  --------

Two core ingredients for Mageline Brightening Crystal Clear series:  One is the special rice fermented filtrate -- which can strengthen the formation of natural moisturizing factors of our skin, helping the skin to absorb moisture content in the air and strengthen the skin's own barrier. Skin becomes soft and hydrated.



The second core ingredient is Bao Lian Chun, which is a fermented extract of white lotus seed that can activate epidermal cells, restore to the skin's healthy metabolism level, promote the excretion of the melanin, leaving skin translucent and smooth. Through the effects of these two core ingredients, it effectively improves the dullness and roughness of the skin while effectively acting on the pigmentation, giving you a smooth, translucent and delicate skin condition.



Mageline Brightening Crystal Clear Series contains the magical skin care ingredients from Japan - A specially fermented rice filtrate, which will give you a more radiant, soft, translucent skin day after day.







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Mageline Brightening Crystal Clear Toner - Normal size (150ml)


麦吉丽雪颜晶透亮肤水- 正装  (150ml)