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Brightening Silk Mask 10 pcs (1 Box) (魔力焕颜蚕丝面膜)
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Replenish moisture and collagen. 
Skin repair (suitable for after-sun care, sensitive skin, acne & pimples)

Suitable for All skin types (Safe for pregnant women, breast-feeding moms)


补水嫩肤 修复 (晒后、过敏、粉刺痘痘等)

适合肤质:各种肤质 (孕妇,哺乳期女性,不耐受性肌肤均可使用)







This is the right mask for you if you have below concerns:

1. Wrong mask size, can't fit whole face completely

2. Skin feel stuffy and unbreathable with uncomfortable mask fabric

3. Poor essence penetration with no obvious skin improvement


0.1mm Ultra-thin Mask

For plump and supple skin

Deeply hydrating with Firming and Brightening properties


Oil controlling

Help relief Sunburn


The No.#1 Best Selling mask of all Mageline mask range


Skin feels rejuvenating after one piece

Leaving skin supple, deeply hydrating and elastic after 15 minutes


1 piece of Mask = 1 bottle of 30ml serum


Infused with 30ml serum for hydration boost


 Fading dry lines and fine lines: Hexapeptide penetrates skin intensively to provide anti-wrinkle benefits and awaken skin vitality 


Strenghtening water-retain skin barrier: Double Hyaluronic Acid replenishes double moisture to relieve thirsty skin


Regains suppleness: Hydrolyzed Collagen replenishes micro collagen to improve roughness and dullness


Intensively hydrating and nourishing skin, replenishing water in the skin, and to promote healthy skin regeneration

Unique icy cold formula makes your skin feel cool and soothing, and repairs damage skin caused by the sun


For the acne-prone:

Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) controls oil and shrinks pores to relieve redness and minimise large pores


Brightens skin:

Glycyrrhiza Uralensis (Licorice) Extract fades dullness and lighten flaws for supple luminous skin


Cooling and calming:

Menthol Extract repairs damaged skin after sunburn, speeds up redness and relieve hot burn sensation


Ultra Slim Silk Mask



Using ultra-thin 384 natural silk mask with porous fibre to effectively lock in moisture content, deep penetration into skin layers to replenish water


0.1mm mask leaves skin breathe freely, silky and softness feeling


360 degree fits your face contour perfectly, more elastic and tough than non-woven mask.

It is adjustable and stretchable to the face contour.

Porous fiber locks-in serum for lasting hydration


Light texture, thin, soft, breathable, transparent, feels like the invisible second skin layer. 



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