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About Mageline





~ Enjoy Your Natural Skin Beauty Without Makeup ~


MAGELINE skin care is an upmarket cosmetics brand, advocating the concept of "Beautiful Bare Skin Without Makeup". With Mageline's excellent skin care quality and result, hence its growing reputation, it has quickly occupied a top place in the high-end skincare market. Established since 2014 and exponantially achieved remarkable sales of 10 billion yuan by year 2018.


The company integrates R&D, production and sales, and has set up independent research and development production bases in both China and the United States. It combines the essence of luxury plants and advanced technology to create high-end skin care products.


MAGELINE product range covering skin care, make-up, body care, beauty drinks, beauty devices and haircare. Because of its natural, safe, and effective results and its excellent reputation, it is popular among many celebrities and beauty-loving women. Since its establishment, the brand has witnessed the beauty transformation of millions of people!


The Origin of the Brand Name  

MAGELINE means magically beautiful. The former part “Mage” came from the English word “Magician”, the latter part “line” pronounced similar to a Chinese word "mei li" which means “beautiful”. Ms. Guo Miao, the founder of Mageline brand, hopes it could make people beautiful as magic does.


The MAGELINE brand Logo has the following connotations  The crown is the highest level of compliment to a women's beauty. It is like a lotus bud that is ready to bloom and resemble the purity of women's natural beauty.


Mageline hopes that women while enjoying their natural beauty, live a wonderful remarkable life and embrace their beauty in confidence!                                                                                                        



At MAGELINE, we do not compromise the quality of ingredients


We have many stories to tell about our every bit of meticulous R&D creation and formulation


Your encounter with Mageline is a beginning of great discovery to beautiful bare skin


~ Take a quick tour to see how each beauty parcel reach you ~


[Mageline Asia Pacific R&D Centre]


"scientific research hub where inspiration of top notch researchers hidden"


Mageline Asia Pacific R&D Center is located at WuHan Guang Gu covering an area of 2200 square meters. 


This Grade A laboratory was constructed in accordance with China's CNAS standards, assembled many world-class advanced scientific research instruments, continue striving for the world's leading standard Product Core Technology.



Here Mageline gathers many International R&D Mastermind and talents from all around the world , mastering the science and technology of stem cell culture, fermentation, active substance extraction, etc., and well-equiped with technology know-how in the formulation of superior skin care, hair care, body care, cosmetics products.



Mageline also incorporated a subsidiary company in USA~ Mageline International Cosmetics Co Ltd., and built independent research laboratory, cooperating with scientists from University of California, Stanford University and other international research field of cosmetics for R&D formulas.


Mageline is committed to combine advanced technologies in the fields of biology, medicine, chemistry, dermatology, and nutriology to create a series of skin care products which are applicable and most suit to Asian women. 


All products are strictly formulated according to standards and specifications. Product research and development, experiment and production are strictly in compliance with the relevant national laws and regulations, filed with and approved by Ministry of Health and other relevant government authorities.


All clinical trials must be approved while products must go through a rigorous allergy testing before they can be listed and sold in ensuring their safety and effectiveness.





[Mageline Yi Chang Manufacturing Plant]


"our own factory is meticulous in every production stage, never compromise in ensuring its excellence"


Mageline Yi Chang factory 2nd phase are a fully automated production plant. Invested over 250 million yuan, covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters.


It has passed the certification of 5 major international quality systems. From the first inbound stage of raw materials to the final output, the whole process are multi-directionally controlled.



Factory adopts 100,000 grade clean and dustless filling production lines, international de-ionised sterilisation room, with fully automated machineries. There are 18 AI production lines operating synchronously, from product filling to packaging. 


All equipments are fully automated and is used to ensure product safety, effectiveness, health and environmental friendly.



At least 100 rounds quality verification, 20 times efficacy verification, and 30 rounds safety examination, to ensure that all products are safe and effective. Mageline continues to practice strict testing standards only to ensure excellent product quality. 


Our skincare products are healthy, environmentally friendly and natural with an extremely prominent result.        





[Mageline 3 Major Cloud Warehouses]


"committed to reach your door step on time"


Mageline has 3 large cloud warehouses across the country, with a total storage area of ​​15,000 square meters.


The cabin is equipped with centralized air conditioning system to adjust temperature and humidity in order to provide the best storage environment for all products.


In this new era, Mageline are racing against time to improvise its warehouse logistics services point. Ensuring sufficient inventory levels, remarkable delivery service, multiple cloud warehouses integration, aiming to deliver every piece of beauty parcel to you on time and with good quality.



Your journey to beautiful bare skin without makeup is just one click away,

Looking forward to serve your skin to perfection



Madam Guo Miao is an independent, elegant and thoughtful woman, she is also known as "Mi Zong" among Mageline family members.


She has always advocated a healthy, high quality, real and natural lifestyle. Encouraging the concept of skin care that allows women “to enjoy their natural beauty” is no doubt due to her understanding of beauty and her attitude towards life. She believes that women should have a career that they love. "Time will not let down any woman who works hard!"


Through the wisdom of her majestic leadership, she leads the Mageline team of over 300,000 in parting waves and creating miracle after miracle in the skincare and cosmetic industry! Because her passion and strong believes in her career, Madam Guo Miao, by establishing goals and through her persistence, has ensured the Mageline family accomplish success in their careers.


First year of establishment

  • Launch of Concentrated Youth Essence
  • Sales hit more than USD16 million (about CNY100 million) in second half of the year


Rapid growth of Mageline brand name

  • Invested about USD23 million (apprx CNY150 million) to construct new factory building and production line to ensure adequate supply in order to meet the surge in market demand


Signed up 2 first-tier celebrities

  • Funding millions to jointly shoot new images with "Fashion Bazaar" magazine
  • Signed up popular Chinese actor Zheng Yi and first-tier Korean actress Yin Enhui


Mageline's burgeoning popularity

  • Appear in Shanghai CBE, China Guangzhou International Beauty Expo
  • Appointed domestic famour actress Ma Su as brand spokeperson
  • Grand opening of WuHan flagship store, ribbon cutting by famour singer He Jie
  • Become a strategic partnership of 2nd season "Sing! China"
  • Mageline co-operated with several television station including Jiangsu Satelite TV and Hunan Satelite TV to boost brand awareness
  • Exclusive sponsorhip of a star reality show "Three Yards", promoting brand's strong concept of "Enjoy the natural skin beauty without makeup"


Mageline has become a well-known upmarket skincare brand

  • Become a strategic partner of ZheJiang satelite TV show "2018 Keep Running"
  • Goddess Jing Tian became the new spokeperson for Mageline Collagen Fruity Drin




Weibo has created a powerfully trending skin care storm with over 300 million people in the #The Natural Skin Like Team# campaign; in addition, many celebrities have echoed and recommended Mageline 3 Steps Bare Skin set.




~ Up to over 800+ counters country-wide, covering over 30 million high-end customers across the country ~




~ Mageline Charity Foundation continues to participate in Corporate Social Responsibility ~