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Blackheads Remover 30ml (魔力祛黑头水)
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Naturally dissolve blackheads, gentle without damaging skin

Suitable for: All skin types (except for serious acne skin)


自然溶解黑头   温和不伤肤

适合肤质:各种肤质 (严重痘痘肌肤不建议使用)

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Blackheads are hardened-type greasy blockages caused by the oxidation of skin oils and dirt in the air.


They are usually found on the nose, chin, or forehead. They block the pores and enlarge them.



Mageline Magic Blackhead Remover Water 


Mildly dissolves blackhead, leaving pores clean, fresh and invisible



Dissolves blackheads | Shrinks pores | Balances sebum-moisture | Soothing and repairing






Squeezed hardly by hand
Easily lead to bacteria infections, engravating blackheads and enlarge the pores


Blackhead peel-off patch
Poor effect, susceptible to skin damage and enlarged pores

3D natural plant-based formula


10 minutes to remove blackhead*, restores clean, fresh and invisible pores




1. Draws out blackheads


Carefully dissolves blackhead deep grease, improves the root cause of blackheads whiteheads, says bye to strawberry nose



2. Unclog Pores

Soften dead skin, unclog pores and regenerate the skin



3. Controls oil

Reduces oil secretion, controls oil and moisturizes, prevents blackhead re-occurrence



4. Shrinks pores

Mildly shrinks pores, improves roughness and dullness, reduce pore size to invisible




* 10 minutes refers to recommended use time of the product, actual effects vary between individuals


Selected plant-based formula with high purity, removes blackheads without tightness



No tearing, no squeezing, no violent extraction, dissolves blackheads effortlessly


No dryness, tightness, tingling sensation, reveals dewy clear skin

Fresh watery texture, skin-friendly and non-greasy




Push-type dropper design, precisely controls dosage




After cleansing face, apply a proper amount of product to thin cotton pat, 

then leave it on wings of nose, forehead or chin areas with blackheads, wash it off after 10 minutes. 


Recommended to apply once a week, better result with pimple-blackhead extracting tool.




Q1 : How often do we need to apply Blackhead Remover water?


A: It depends on individual's need or degree of blackheads. It is recommended to use ONCE a week consistently to get rid of clogged nose (also known as strawberry nose) easily.


Q2 : Is it necessary to use hot steamer or hot towel face mask?


A: Hot steamed facial towel helps open up pores, later follow by Blackhead Remover water helps remove blackheads easily. After 10 minutes, it is recommended to apply Yeast Essence Toner to minimise the unclogged pores.


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